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If you love seafood, Ishinomaki is the place for you!


The waters near Ishinomaki are where the warm southern ocean currents meet the cooler, nutrient-rich northern currents, resulting in ideal conditions for marine life.

Ishinomaki is a port city with a long history of fishing. The fish caught near the Kinkasan island are revered throughout all of Japan. Ishinomaki is also known for its oysters and scallops.


Many restaurants here proudly use locally sourced ingredients. Here you can try world class sushi. 

If you are particularly adventurous, try Hoya (sea pineapple), a local delicacy! 


Ishinomaki encompasses a large area with 6 smaller towns outside the central city. Here you can see people coexisting with nature.

Forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, islands, jagged coastlines and resort beaches— Ishinomaki has it all.

Take a scenic road trip through the northern Ogatsu and Kitakami areas.

See three islands from a single park (and then visit them by ferry) in the Oshika penisula.

Or enjoy local produce and the soothing sight of rice fields contrasted against rich green hills in the Mono, Kahoku and Kanan regions.



Ishinomaki is a city that celebrates its connection to manga. Prolific and influential manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori lived in the neighboring Tome city, and often came to Ishinomaki to spend time and watch movies.


He is famous for works such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (the inspiration for Power Rangers). A museum shaped like a UFO was made in his honor. It often has collaborations with manga by other artists.

Currently ongoing is a collaboration with the cycling manga, Yowamushi Pedal. Stop by to see original manuscripts drawn by the author, Wataru Watanabe!

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