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Please refer to the "Walking Map Manga Town Ishinomaki" pamphlet being distributed at the tourist information booths to locate each store.


2. 富喜寿司 (Japanese Food / sushi)​

Fuki Sushi

We are always striving to give our customers the best dining experience, with delicious sushi made from the freshest local seasonal ingredients.


Address: Ishinomaki Isenba 8-6

Phone: 0225-96-8502

3. すし寶来 (Japanese Food / sushi)

Sushi Hōrai 

Ishinomaki is almost synonymous with sushi! Experience the finest sushi, prepared using the freshest locally caught seafood and the popular Sasanishiki rice variety grown in Miyagi Prefecture.

Address: Ishinomaki Sengokucho 1-3

Phone: 0225-22-1258

6. とり文 (Japanese Food / Japanese food)

Toribun Restaurant

Enjoy a wide variety of the finest Japanese cuisine. All tables in our restaurant are set in private compartments for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-7-18

Phone: 0225-22-0521

9. 島料理川岸 友福丸 (Japanese Food / Japanese food)

Tomofuku Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy our beautiful views of the riverside while sampling delicious seafood expertly prepared!

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 1-15-8

Phone: 0225-22-2851

59島料理 川岸 友福丸.jpg

Japanese Food


5. 八幡家 (Japanese Food / Japanese food)


A respected high-end Japanese restaurant serving exquisite food for over 100 years, worth a visit not just for sumptuous full-course meals, but just a relaxing drink, too

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-8-23

Phone: 0225-22-0138


11. 藤や食堂 (Drink&food  / Japanese food)

Fujiya Restaurant

This is the place to try Ishinomaki’s “soul food” of brown-steamed yakisoba noodles! The flavor of our beloved yakisoba has remained unchanged for over 60 years. Don’t miss it!

Address: Ishinomaki Tachimachi 2-6-17

Phone: 0225-93-4645


15. IRORI 石巻 (Drink&food / cafe)

IRORI Ishinomaki

In addition to the delicious coffee served in our café area, visitors are free to use our Wi-Fi and even recharge their devices. We also sell original Ishinomaki souvenirs.

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-10-2

Phone: 0225-25-4953


19. 加非館 (Drink&food / cafe)


Welcome to Ishinomaki! Take the weight off your feet and have a rest in our coffee shop, where we offer delicious drinks, tasty food and fun conversation.

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-2-13

Phone: 0225-96-4733


Other Food

14. 石巻グランドホテル (Drink&food / Japanese/Western/Chinese food)

Ishinomaki Grand Hotel

Centrally located and ideal for both sightseeing and business trips. Our 4 restaurants serve delicious food sourced locally.

Address: Ishinomaki Sengokucho 2-10

Phone: 0225-93-8111

46.(株)萬楽堂 (Food / bakery)

Manrakudo Bakery

Be sure to try our flagship product karé pan, a freshly fried savory doughnut filled with tasty curry sauce, on sale from our dedicated sales car. Look out for the bright orange-colored vehicle! 

Address: Ishinomaki Tachimachi 2-4-23

Phone: 0225-22-3348

47. 白謙かまぼこ店石巻本店 (Food / kamaboko)

Shiraken Kamaboko Specialty Store

Please try our renowned kamaboko steamed fish cake, known as a famous product of Ishinomaki. Our specialty is sasa-kamaboko, which is oval-shaped like the leaf of a sasa plant.

Free gift of an original clear file folder to all cruise visitors!!

Address: Ishinomaki Tachimachi 2-4-29

Phone: 0225-22-1842


48. 青果の丹野 (Food / fruit&vegetables)

Tanno Greengrocers

We sell fresh fruit, delicious tomatoes and other vegetables. Please stop by for a visit!

Address: Ishinomaki Tachimachi 2-4-34

Phone: 0225-22-5449

49. 和牛乃亀山 (Food / butcher)

Kameyama Premium Butchers

Welcome to north Japan! We offer fine quality meat from the area at our well-reputed store, and highly recommend you try some!

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-9-5

Phone: 0225-93-1616


52. 守谷フルーツ (Food / fruit&vegetables)

Moriya Fruit Store

As well as our fresh and delicious fruit selection, we offer an amazing 20 flavors of soft serve ice cream!! Why not give them a try??

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 1-6-16

Phone: 0225-22-4365

54. 粟野蒲鉾店 (Food / kamaboko fish cake)

Awano Kamaboko Specialty Store

Popular all over Japan as THE taste of Ishinomaki, our kamaboko steamed fish cake is made with only the finest ingredients for a unique flavor experience you won’t forget!

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 1-9-11

Phone: 0225-22-2971


25. 小野友 (Beauty / cosmetics)

Onotomo Cosmetics

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic products from high-quality brands such as Shiseido, Decorté, Albion, SK II and Kanebo. We look forward to your visit!

Address: Ishinomaki Isenba 4-16

Phone: 0225-22-3071


29. Pupuu Rosy 〜rosy nail〜 (Beauty / manicure)

Why not treat yourself to a manicure as a memento of your trip to Japan? We also highly recommend our glitter body painting.

Address: Tachimachi 2-7-20

Phone: 0225-92-4005



36. 向山靴店 (Clothing  / shoes)

Mukaiyama Shoes

Browse our selection of beach sandals and flip-flops, with uniquely Japanese styling and colors, perfect for wearing on board your ship!

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-2-13

Phone: 0225-22-0256

(Not on map) さかぶん (Clothing)

Sakabun Japanese Clothing Store

We sell Kimono clothes and Japanese accessories. You can experience wearing Kimono.

Address: Ishinomaki Tachimachi 1-2-19

Phone: 0225-93-7633


Goods / Souvenirs / etc.

23. 青葉電気商会(Home appliances / electronics)

Aoba Electronics

Try your hand at our lucky game for the chance to win a rare 290-year old coin (with a hole in the middle) minted here in Ishinomaki!

Address: Ishinomaki Isenba 8-4

Phone: 0225-94-1121

39. 観慶丸本店 (General goods / ceramics&glassware)


Specializing in ceramics, glass- and lacquerware, we have been in business since the Edo Period (17th – 19th century). We also stock Japanese cloths, traditional toys and other gifts.

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 2-8-1

Phone: 0225-22-0151


(Not on map) 株式会社 ゆうげん (General goods)


The place to go for a selection of calligraphy-related goods and works, gifts and other knick-knacks. Please come and see us if you have an interest in Japanese culture, or just want to have a look around. All welcome!

Address: Ishinomaki Chuo 1-7-1

Phone: 0225-22-0035

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