The Japan Car Sharing Association is a not-for-profit organization in Ishinomaki that offers car rentals at low rates (roughly half that of normal rentals). The association offers discounts for tourists who plan to use the car to learn more about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, as well as cashback incentives for shopping in the Oshika, Ogatsu, and Kitakami areas.


Hours; 9:00am to 6:00pm

Address: Ishinomaki Ekimae Kitadori 1-5-23


Just a short walk away from Ishinomaki Station. Cross the overpass near the station entrance and follow the route in the map.

(Look for a parking lot full of cars with blue & orange stickers on the front!)

To Rent:

Reservations available by email or phone.

Same day rentals are also available.

email; yoyaku@japan-csa.org

phone; +81 0225-22-1453


Cashback program:

Renters can get up to 2,000 yen cashback by shopping at participating shops and restaurants. Those that plan on going to the Oshika, Ogatsu and/or Kitakami areas can receive a stamp card that holds up to 4 stamps. A stamp can be received at any participating shop by spending at least 1,000 yen (make sure to show the cashier the stamp card). Each stamp is worth 500 yen cashback. Cashback is redeemable at the car sharing office upon returning the rental car.


*Only 1 stamp may be received per shop.


Discounted rates are in parenthesis. Tourists planning to visit sites to learn about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami may be eligible for the discounted rate (sites include Okawa Elementary School, Ishinomaki Community & Info Center, 3.11 Memorial Hall Minamihama Tsunagukan, Kataribe, etc.). Discounts are given at the discretion of The Japan Car Sharing Association staff

rates table.PNG

*Kei cars, identifiable with their yellow license plates, are the smallest category of highway-legal cars in Japan. They are lighter, smaller, and less powerful than regular cars.