The Three Islands of Ishinomaki



Tashirojima is a cat lover's paradise. It's often referred to as cat island, because here cats outnumber the human population by roughly 4 to 1. The island cat-themed cafes, lodges, and even a cat shrine. (Please do not feed the cats, they are cared for by islanders!) 



Kinkasan is regarded as one of the most sacred sites in all of Tohoku. It is a remote island, with no permanent residents. Only a couple of priests regularly stay on the island in the Koganeyama Shrine. Visitors can go on a spiritual hike to the peak the island mountain.



Locals call Ajishima the "Hawaii of Tohoku," for its crystal clear beach waters and plethora of outdoor activities from cycling to hiking to fishing. The Ajishirama Beach is a popular destination in summer for its shining emerald green waters.


Tashirojima and Ajishima are accessible via the Ajishima Line. Visitors are recommended to get on at Chuou Port, located by the river near Genki Ichiba. Please note that ferry service may be cancelled on windy days.

Kinkasan is accessible by ferry from Onagawa and Ayukawa in the Oshika Peninsula. More info can be found here.